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Occupational Health and Safety Management

 The health of the human resource has become a first priority for organisations as the workforce determines the success of the business; organisations depend on the health and well being of their employees. Since the early industrial age, there has been a need to reduce high costs of occupational injuries, illness and fatalities. However, despite dedicated efforts from all interested parties, annual Occupational Health and Safety global statistics report thousands of work fatalities, injuries and illnesses, which result in millions of working days lost. Thus it’s critical to have a functional Occupational health and safety program in place. The importance of an effective Occupational Health & Safety Management is now recognized by all stakeholders (employee and employers) and is increasingly becoming a primary concern to all interested parties.

At GreenWise Consult we assist and advise you on how to undertake and implement the following:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management system
  • Implementation of OHAS ISO 18001 
  • Health and safety manuals
  • Health & Safety audits
  • Fire Safety 
  • Risk Assessment


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