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ISO Certification

We assist organization to undertake the ISO certification with respect to the following standards

  • ISO  9000:2008 
  • ISO 14000: 2004  
  • ISO 18000:2005 
  • ISO 22000:2005

We will assist our client to :  

  • Conducting awareness programs for all the employees (Top + Middle + Bottom Level).
  • Formation of a task force for documentation.
  • Preparation of documents as per system requirements, review and revise it for benefit of organization.
  • Implementation & training all personnel in the use of procedures & formats.
  • Training internal auditors.
  • Assessing the System through first internal audit.
  • Taking of corrective actions for non-conformities.
  • Application for certification to internationally recognized certifying body.
  • Conducting management review meeting.
  • Assess the system through second round of internal audit.
  • Avail pre-certification audit of certifying body and take actions on suggestions given by them.
  • Final audit by certifying body.


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